Ski Club of the Palm Beaches

Boat and Park Rules

Since Okeeheelee is a county park, everyone must follow park rules to promote public safety. All boats must be USA WaterSki approved and permitted through the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department. Permits must appear on both boat and trailer.

Please read the park rules thoroughly as documented in the Palm Beach County Okeeheelee Ski Course Packet, but here are a few tips for your time spent at Okeeheelee Ski Lakes for boater and skier etiquette.

  • Rotation for lake use is determined by boat rotation not skier.
  • If you are unsure if a person is up, just ask.
  • Please be ready and waiting on the back of your boat if you are ready to ski.
  • This is a water ski site, no jet skis, fishing boats or other recreational devices are permitted. If you see unsafe practices, please call the park ranger at 561-252-1714.
  • If you are driving across any of the courses, please put your boat in and out of gear to prevent any rollers.
  • If you are waiting to follow a skier down the main lake, please keep a safe following distance of at least half course.
  • When driving on main lake, drop your skier before the boat docks. This will apply to leaving the area also, take off after you have idled past the docked boats.
Are you ready to drive East West Lake?

East West Course (the lake along Forest Hill Blvd.) is the most difficult to drive.  Driving across this lake on the dock side to drop a skier can result in sending rollers down the main lake.  The best pattern is to keep the bow of the boat facing main lake when dropping your skier and not doing a turn at the end.  Let the boat settle before turning.

East West Lake Boat Path

East West Lake Boat Path

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