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Ski Club Member Sam Dumala at the Junior Worlds

Ski Club Member Sam Dumala at the Junior Worlds

Junior World update from Mike Dumala

Samantha and Mike traveled to Mulwala, Australia this week and also most of the US team members have arrived,  including Miami skier, Dylan Alvarez who is skiing for Columbia, Matt Rini and Canadian competitor, Paige.  Sam staying with Brooke Baldwin and her mom who is team coach Brenda Baldwin and other teammate Kara M. The Langs and Jay M. Are there and younger team member Anna Gay is on the way.  All member’s equipment arrived safe and sound as well.

Taylor Garcia’s dad brought USA shirts for all the kids to wear because the team sweatsuit is great but just too darn hot!  They had team dinner last night and Jody Johnson, team manager & Brenda, coach gave speeches about how proud they should feel as they have worked so hard to get there. They read a letter from jumper Freddy Kreuger on what an honor it is to represent their country.

He said most of the competitors are struggling with the water, but will get practice sets each day, Sam did well (depending on who you ask) and skied two sets today ( technically yesterday).

Breakfast each day at McDonald’s so Mike can get Internet ( work and updates).  Everyone is eating lunch at very Australian bakery and the natives are laughing and trying to figure out what they are ordering. Same language different words.  Just so you know the proper way to order a coffee is “a mug of cappuccino. “Mike’s final comments of the night;

“Hard to believe we are on the other side of the world…you would not believe how many stars are out here. Guess you can see them better with no lights anywhere… Still waiting to see a kangaroo”

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