Ski Club of the Palm Beaches

Information sessions at National Water Ski Championships

TO:  Boat Companies/Ski Companies/ Equipment Designers/Vendors/Ski Schools/Coaches/Nutritionist/Workout Experts, etc.  All those interested in Water Ski Community.

The Ski Club of the Palm Beaches would like to offer you the opportunity to have a one hour session talking to the skiers attending the National Water Ski Championships at Okeeheelee Park, August 6-10.  There is no charge to the attendees or the lecturer.  What better place and opportunity to interface directly with consumers.

We have a booth reserved with seating for 25 interested listeners.  Talk about your boats, ski, ropes, vests, etc. etc.  If you are a ski school operator, you can answer questions about your training facility and plans on what you expect the skier to learn while attending.  Coaches can discuss their training regimen.  Team skiers can come in and discuss their training methods, diet, etc. etc.

We just want one hour of your time to keep the skiers informed and interested in attending the Nationals from year to year because they had the time provided to get the questions answered that they always wanted.

Feel free to sign up for more than an hour during the week.  700+ skiers will be attending throughout the week.  This lecture tent will be in the vendor area and will run from Tuesday through Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm.

Contact George Levien at Or, 305-775-0203. Let him know your desired days and times.  Sign up for several sessions throughout the week.



Ski Club of the Palm Beaches